Our Story

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       Imagine one day you are out on a lake, in a canoe, with beautiful sunny skies and suddenly a very dark cloud out of nowhere comes overhead and it starts to pour rain down on you. Many would think this is a sign of bad luck...but for me it was instant panic because "now what am I going to do with my hair?" We were going wine tasting later that evening and seriously, I now needed my hair done. My twin brother, who shares all the same thoughts as me and understands everything about me, could not understand this one urgent need of mine because, as similar as we are in many ways, we are quite different in our hair needs. I have all his hair and getting his hair done has never been an issue. What he did understand, however, was the idea we both shared when this urgent need came up, because I know this situation has happened to many of you girls as well. And so begins the new journey called Shampoo & Chardonnay

Since that day, we formed our ladies braiding and hair bar specializing in music festivals, concerts and large corporate events.  

We are a Paul Mitchell focused braiding and hair bar that is exclusive to Paul Mitchell products & tools. We invite you to follow along this journey as we travel together to many exciting events.

So next time you are at one of our events, you will never have to ask yourself that question again...just pull up a stool at our rustic braid bar and have one of our stylists take that worry away.

And always know that the next time a dark cloud appears and it starts pouring rain down on you, it could be the beginning of something you never imagined.

My very best always,